these are the people to whom music is meditation

by mobdividual

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recorded over a few months, after demoing ideas to myself and (more) developing these songs to be performed solo-instrumental in a live setting; bars, clubs, cafes, basements, garden parties, galleries, festivals, restaurants, etc..

download includes wonderful photographs with liner notes and a poster.

i have made 30 physical copies and they are available upon request until they run out - THEY HAVE RUN OUT! thanks everyone!


released June 7, 2013

all sounds, instruments, manipulations, design & layout by mobdividual photographs by noelle hollister mastered by josh aldrich

dtcm 002 2013

anecdote taken from Om Mani Padme Hum:
The Sound of Silence, the Diamond in the Lotus by Osho




mobdividual Colorado Springs

i have performed, recorded, created and affected all of these sounds in my basement.

occasionally i rearrange the pieces for performance (preferably as loud as possible) in a live venue for people or art

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Track Name: A
“...And declare to the whole beautiful city of Lucknow that those who want to hear the musician should know the condition; otherwise they should not come.” But almost ten thousand people came to listen to the musician. And the nabob was not a man to go against his word: one thousand soldiers with naked swords were surrounding the listeners. The order was that they should note down whoever moved, because to remove his head in the middle would be a disturbance.
Track Name: B
Only twelve heads moved. They were noted In the middle of the night, The musician asked, ”Has my condition been fulfilled?” The king said, ”Yes, these are the twelve people who moved and swayed and forgot the condition. Now it is up to you: what do you want? Should we behead them?"
Track Name: C
To everyone’s surprise, the musician said, ”These are the only people worthy to listen to me. Now let the whole crowd go. They were not listening to me, they were simply protecting themselves. Just an accidental movement could cause death, just a change of position could be dangerous. They were too concerned with their lives. Music is not for them; let them go. Now the real music I can play for you in the remaining night, and for these twelve people.” It took a strange turn! The nabob said, ”But this is a strange way to find the right people.”
Track Name: D
The musician said, ”That is the only way to find the right people. These are the people for whom music means something more than life itself.” And in fact they had simply forgotten all about the conditions. Music touched their hearts and they start swaying, a kind of dance entered into their beings. He played his music for those twelve people the remaining night. And he told the nabob that he did not need any reward. This was enough reward, to find the right people who could listen to music. ”I would pray to you: reward these people, because
these are the people to whom music is meditation.”